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We can help your organization cultivate a conversation with your community. We help you harness the powerful simplicity of mobile messaging to let people chat with your organization the way they chat with friends. Engage, build trust and become more responsive to your audiences and communities.

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Everyone has a story.

Trust in mass media has never been lower. The old one-way broadcasting paradigm is outmoded. What's needed now more than ever is a way to genuinely connect with the people we serve. But how do we do that well, and at meaningful scale? GroundSource helps you engage your community by having a conversation with them -- one-to-many, and one-to-one. Gather critical context and data, and build loyal and trusting stakeholders in the process.


People want to text your organization the way they text their friends. Align your organization’s communication channels with the technology and communications channels people prefer.


Engage your audience where they are and listen more effectively to their interests and preferences


Activate new digital behaviors, collect insights, and inform your processes and future offerings

Embeddable web forms

Convert your followers into directly engaged sources through custom, brandable web forms.

Mobile messaging is how we communicate today

You want to become more attentive, but how do you know what your community needs? What they’re thinking about? How are they affected the news, by social issues, by the changing economic landscape? GroundSource helps you become not only more accessible to your community but also more responsive to their rapidly changing needs and preferences.

Text, chatbots, pictures, voice, & video

Gather rich descriptions of your community’s experience and perspective through multi-media messaging and calls.

Intelligent scripts

Spark engagement and tailor your content by setting up intelligent scripts that are responsive to your audience’s actions.

Embedded web forms

Convert your followers into directly engaged community members through custom, brandable web forms.

Engagement & audience analytics

Visualize and report on the qualitative and quantitative data about your audience demographics and engagement behaviors as well as the insights and sentiments on the conversations.

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